White Truffle (Truffe d'Alba)
Tuber Magnatum

This must be the prize for all mushroom hunters. The most sought-after of the truffles, it is found in very limited areas, where the finest certainly grow. Trained dogs or pigs are necessary to locate it. Its season is from late autumn to winter. Very little needs doing to the truffle beyond a careful brushing. If they are to be used fresh, very finely sliced slivers, quickly cooked, are best for the intensity of the flavor.

White Truffle Season:
White Truffle Season

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Black Truffle (Truffe Noire)
Tuber  Melanosporum

The black truffle is often considered as the king of mushrooms. Its season is from autumn to early spring.  Finding the black truffle is comparable to a treasure hunt, using dogs or pigs. Excellent mushroom, the black truffle has a tender flesh with a tremendous aromatic smell. Although the omelette is the classical way to enjoy the black truffle, adding thin slices to many kind of dishes will transform them in real gourmet experience!

Black Truffle Season:

White Truffle Season

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Fresh, Frozen, Canned

Summer Truffle (Truffe d'Eté)
Tuber Aestivum

Although summer truffles grow far more extensively than most people realize, finding them is difficult for they grow beneath the surface of the soil. Animals love them, particularly squirrels and dear. The season is early spring to late summer. As truffles have a very strong flavor, they are best used in small amounts and even a tiny quantity can transform a dish. They are delicious served with egg and pasta dishes.

White Truffle Season:
Truffle Season

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Fresh, Canned

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