Chanterelle Mushrooms
Chanterelle (Girolle)
Cantharellus Cibarius

Chanterelle is for many the highlight of the mushroom season: not only does it look beautiful, it looks wonderful. The season is late spring to late summer in Europe and mid summer to early winter in the USA. The chanterelle has a good shelflife: specimen can be kept fresh for some time either in a refrigerator or in a cool, airy place. They taste exquisite and are extremely versatile, whether on their own, in mixed mushroom dishes or with meat or fish dishes. They also give an elegant color to sauces and the overall appearance of a dish. Try mixing all different type of Cantharellus: this will combine the different flavors and textures and make a brilliantly colorful dish of wild mushroom.

"Delicate and delicious sautéed with hearty chops or roasted..."

European Seasons:

Early Spring to Late Summer
Early Winter to Late Winter 

American Season:
Mid Summer to Early Winter 

Chanterelle Season:
Chanterelle Season Chart

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Chanterelle Porcini Morel Black Trumpet Hedgehog Yellow

Black Trumpet
Yellow Foot
Fairy Ring
St. Georges Cauliflower Parasol Blue Foot Saffron
Milk Cap
Yellow Knight Silky Grey Purple Mousseron
St. Georges Mushroom
Cauliflower Fungas Mushroom
Parasol Mushroom
Blue Foot
 Saffron Milk Cap
Yellow Knight Mushroom Silky Grey Mushroom
 Purple Mousseron

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