Cauliflower Mushrooms
Cauliflower Fungus (Clavaire Crépue)
Sparassis Crispa

It is quite unusual, but it grows in the same place year after year. Large specimens can last for several days if stored carefully in a cool place with its bas in water. The cauliflower fungus is a western species and grows in Autumn. Dries extremely well. If possible, avoid cleaning in water. It is better to brush away any dust particles, cut into thin slices and clean each slice before cooking. If you do use water, remember to dry the fungus well on paper towel before cooking. One of the nicest ways to deal with this fungus is to cut it in thin slice, dip them in a batter made with beer rather than milk and deep-fry to make a wonderfully crisp nuuty hors d’oeuvres or accompaniment to a favorite dish. But it is equally good if sliced fresh and added to stews and casseroles.

"Adds crunch to sauted vegetables or fish filets..."

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American Season:
Mid Summer to Autumn

Cauliflower Season:

Cauliflower Mushroom Season

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